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Name and description Version Added Download Size  
3D File Viewer
Show different 3d file formats (3DS,LWO,DXF,STL,OBJ,DAT,AC,PLY,PFZ) using Progressive Fans Technology. The... More
20050524 2005-02-15 37387 208,5 kb
3ds Max
The Autodesk 3ds Max Preview plugin shows the embedded preview thumbnail of 3ds Max files (Version 3 and la... More 2011-03-19 36751 64 kb
ActivePDFView is a lister plugin (WLX) for Total Commander V5.5 or greater. It allows the user to preview ... More
1.0 2004-04-19 37434 138,3 kb
ActiveSnapView is a lister plugin (WLX) for Total Commander V5.5 or greater. It allows the user to preview... More
1.01 2004-04-19 36403 203,9 kb
Aml View
Plugin for viewing Aml Pages documents. More 2011-03-19 36342 201 kb
AmpView is a Lister-plugin for Total Commander, which can play WAV, MP3, MP2, MP1, Ogg Vorbis, WMA files an... More
3.3.b1 2010-01-21 37417 655 kb
AmpView SkinsPack
AmpView Skins Pack include skins, created by AmpView's autor and by other people. More
2.2 2005-08-28 36415 212,4 kb
AmpView Tools
The given program is the auxiliary tool facilitating creation of skins for AmpView. With its help you can ... More
1.2 2005-03-13 36405 293,5 kb
Ansi Viewer
Simple lister plugin for viewing ANSI text/graphic files. Handy for viewing old ANSI drawings and BBS adverts. More
1.4 2006-06-26 36431 72,7 kb
AnyTag WLX
anytag.wlx is a lister plugin for Total Commander which displays metadata of audio files. It supports the ... More
0.97 2006-07-04 36520 1 167 kb
AppLoader (EdLoader)
Editor loader. Allow to load external editor for selected file when you use view with Lister. Plugin has ... More
0.9.5 2009-06-26 36479 60 kb
his plugin is to view variable information about archives: size, number of files, folders, size of dictiona... More 2006-05-17 36439 538 kb
This is a lister plugin for Total Commander that allows you to display info about archives in the Lister or... More 2005-03-13 36373 569,9 kb
Allows to view and edit dBase and FoxPro files (*.dbf) Main features: - View/edit of table data - No nee... More
1.2 2004-04-16 38398 450,1 kb
Boot Screens Preview
Plugin allows for previewing '.bootscreen' files, screens from 'ntoskrnl.exe'. More
1.1 2008-02-17 36395 813 kb
This is a lister plugin for Total Commander that allows you to display Autodesk(tm) DXF,DWG and Hewlett Pac... More 2009-06-01 37310 1188 kb
This plugin is freeware and permit to see thumbnails from *.cbz files More
0.24b 2007-08-20 36356 362 kb
Plugin allows you to view DBF files in Lister's window (Also in Quick View Panel). You can: - search som... More
1.30 2011-03-19 37178 46 kb
CDR Thumbnail
Plugin allows for creating thumbnails of CDR files (Corel Draw). More
1.0 2005-08-28 36621 28,7 kb
It is meant for viewing files of CorelDRAW 7 - 12 (*.CDR, *.CMX). CorelDRAW should be installed on the sys... More
0.95 2005-08-28 36783 225,4 kb
Use this plugin for display CSV-files (Comma Separated Values format). As delimeter used characters ';' ... More
0.6.1 2004-04-16 36778 253,3 kb
This plugin enables you to browse and edit database tables of several types. Native mode direct access ... More
2.01 2005-02-15 36921 1 032 kb
Graphic viewer, which uses FLT: Office filters. (CDR CGM EPS GIF GFA JPG JPE JPEG JFIF PCT PICT PNG WPG) More 2009-04-28 36581 657 kb
Plugin allows to view cache icon files. More 2009-04-13 36381 217 kb
Plugin for viewing *.jsg files. More
1.0 alpha 2007-07-16 36325 326 kb
Lister plugin which allows to view Windows' thumbnails: - thumbs.db - ehthumbs.db - thumbcache_*.db (V... More 2011-03-19 36715 2 771 kb
DirInfo is a Lister-Plugin designed to work in QuickView Mode for showing information on directories like T... More 2007-10-17 36591 397 kb
DMF Lister
With DMF Lister you can view DemoForge movies by DemoForge LLC, refer to www.demoforge.com for more info a... More
1.0 2006-03-01 36322 642,1 kb
For viewing Media files (AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MP1-MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, OGG, MID, KAR, Winamp-playlist). Fo... More
1.3.1 2005-02-01 36697 180,6 kb
DVI Simple Viewer
The DVI Simple Viewer plugin displays device independent TEX output in the lister window of Total Commander. More 2006-03-19 36365 104,6 kb
Lister plugin for AutoCAD DWG files. Show Thumbnail stored in files version R13 (without WMF-thumbnail), ... More
1,1 2004-10-02 36619 196,3 kb
Ebcdic View
This is a small lister plugin to show ebcdic encoded files. It's modified version Christian Ghisler's plugi... More 2007-01-20 36360 36 kb
This is a small lister plugin to show ebcdic encoded files. More
1.0 2005-02-15 36323 34,0 kb
ecl SunMoon
Module for getting information about Sun and Moon for tcCalendar 1.9 More
1.0 2005-11-08 36321 189,9 kb
edt tcCalendar
Extended dates sets for tcCalendar. More
22.12.07 2009-04-13 36376 266 kb
Plugin for viewing ERT files. More
1.0 2005-09-19 36323 236,3 kb
Use it for viewing message files *.msg/*.eml, got from email clients (TheBat! etc) More
0.6 2004-04-18 37102 375,3 kb
Plugin which displays text and numbers from spreadsheet files created by OpenOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, ... More
1.20 2011-03-19 36770 381 kb
Plugin for viewing covers of e-books in FictionBook format. More
1.11 2009-04-13 36299 345 kb
File Thumbnails
It allows to display thumbnails for various files. It is able to handle the following file types: - Video... More
1.0.2 2005-11-25 36650 31,7 kb
This viewer is intended to check all files for a Version Ressource and display it it shows now static and ... More
2.10 2007-12-01 36617 103 kb
It allows to viev files in hexadecimal mode. More
2.0 alpha 2005-03-13 36446 14,4 kb
Lister plugin for Total Commander to view Shockwave Flash files(SWF). Requires Macromedia Flash Player ins... More
1.4 2004-04-18 36481 265,9 kb
Autodesk Flic Animation(FLC/FLI) Lister Plugin Features: - Plays any size of Flic(FLC/FLI) files. - Show... More 2005-02-15 36311 19,6 kb
This is a lister/content plugin for Total Commander that allows you to display the glyphs and some addition... More
0.09 2005-02-15 36528 214,0 kb
GDB Viewer
Allows to view InterBase and FireBird files (*.gdb) More 2004-10-19 38144 731 kb
Allows to view InterBase database files (*.gdb) More 2005-02-01 36745 370,2 kb
GIS Lister
Allows to view following formats of the files: - MapInfo MIF/MID - MapInfo TAB - MapInfo WOR (l... More
1.0.4 2005-10-02 36395 543,7 kb
This plugin is a source code viewer with highlighting and some minimal editing features. More
1.02.2 2008-01-12 36490 2 151 kb
Plugin is intended to view in Lister and quick view panel of Total Commander files that can be processed by... More
0.2 beta 6 2007-07-06 36488 66 kb
Plugin for viewing source files with syntax highlighting. Supports more than 100 programming languages. Co... More
1.1 2006-04-23 36568 726,7 kb
HPG Editor
simple Total Commander's Lister plugin that can be used to view AND EDIT(!) files. ( If you do not know ... More
0.5.13 2005-02-01 36471 820,6 kb
IE-based file viewer plugin for Total Commander This plugin shuld be used only if the computer ... More
1.2.4 2010-01-21 36573 140 kb
Lister plugin for Total Commander. Show icons in files. Supported extentions: ico, icl, exe, dll, scr, ocx... More
21.8.2009 2010-01-21 36452 298 kb
IE-based file viewer plugin for Total Commander This plugin shuld be used only if the computer is powerf... More
1.94 a 2005-08-28 36410 113,4 kb
This plugin is just an integration of the standard web browser into a lister plugin. More
1.01 2004-04-19 36361 222,0 kb
This plugin lets you view images of many different file formats: - TIFF images (*.tif) - Truevision imag... More
1.00 2004-04-18 36478 262,2 kb
Imagine - Image/Animation Viewer for Windows. Supported formats: JPG;JPEG (JFIF Compliant), GIF (Graphics I... More
1.0.7 2011-03-19 37480 739 kb
Total Commander lister plugin for displaying image file types BMP,EMF,EPS,GIF,ICO,JPG,PCX,PIC,PNG,PSD,PSP... More
1.0_20081021 2011-03-19 36944 363 kb
Plugin for TotalCommander that allows to view the files of Spectrum assembler Alasm More
1.0 2009-04-13 36301 15 kb
TC Lister-plugin for viewing and editing settings files (*.ini, *.inf, *.reg). More
1.2 2011-03-19 36513 293 kb
Iniview is a lister-plugin for Total Commander. It allows you to view & edit *.ini,*.inf files or files wit... More
1.2.beta 2004-04-18 36377 227,2 kb
inSCR is a lister-plugin for TotalCommander meant for viewing ZX-Spectrum screen files. Supports 6912, 692... More
2.0 2005-02-21 36320 7,5 kb
plugin for viewing Java classes files More
20060212 2009-07-05 36403 173 kb
Lister-plugin for Total Commander, allowing to view files of Japanese Crosswords of JCC-format. More 2004-09-05 36297 1 034 kb
JPEG Thumbs
Lister plugin to load Thumbnails of JPEG pictures in a very memory-efficient and fast way. More
1.3 2005-02-01 36527 455,2 kb
KaKeeware QuickViewer
KaKeeware QuickViewer is a very small lister plug-in for Total Commander that shows PNG/JPG/BMP/EMF/ICO files More
1.0 2007-04-15 36436 2 kb
Plugin for viewing KEDU files. The files are generated by Program Płatnika and are used only in Poland. More
1.001 2005-11-17 36440 277,2 kb
This is a combined project consisting of 2 parts: 1. LinkEditor 1.51 - Program for modifying LNK-files. 2... More
1.51 2004-06-10 36488 32,9 kb
Word file viewer for lister. Features: - Plugin open WinWord files witout any formating and objects. - N... More
1.2 2004-04-19 36591 26,4 kb
It allows to view contents of forms. More
1.0 2005-02-15 36325 723,7 kb
Plugin that allows to view *.lnk file More
0.2 2009-04-13 36361 25 kb
Plugin show log files tail. If file with logs will change plugin update its tail. More 2004-04-18 36460 364,2 kb
Plugin to view the text log files, with autoreload (tail, as in the Far manager). - Ability to view very... More
1.1.1 2009-04-13 36456 525 kb
This plugin play m3u files (list of mp3-files) in Lister or QuickView Panel in Total Commander. More
1.0.0 2004-04-18 36348 10,3 kb
Macromedia eXtension Package
Plugin umożliwia podgląd zawartości pakietów rozszerzeń Macromedia eXtension Package (.MXP). UWAGA! Plugin... More
1.2 2005-02-15 36312 561,6 kb
The Mathematica Link plugin acts like a simple Mathematica front end. It is able to load and evaluate file... More 2006-02-27 36317 285,5 kb
Plugin allows to view QIP PDA and QIP Infium history file More 2009-04-13 36384 196 kb
This listerplugin is a simple modelviewer (*.md2) for all game based on the Quake2 engine More
1.0 2005-02-15 36301 351,6 kb
Plugin allows for viewing *.md i *.ert files. More 2007-05-03 36316 926 kb
This listerplugin is a simple modelviewer (*.mdl) for all game based on the Half-Life engine (such as Conte... More
2003-09-08 2004-04-18 36389 175,9 kb
Plugin for viewing Media files (AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MP1-MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, OGG, MID, KAR, Winamp-playlis... More
0.9.5 2009-04-13 36926 525 kb
This is an extention of my precedent MP3 player lister plugin for Total Commander (version 5.50 and above... More
2.46 2005-10-29 36508 55,6 kb
This viewer is intended to display Id3V1tag while playing MP3 file More
1.0 2005-02-15 36390 9,6 kb
Basic lister plugin for Total Commander 5.5x to display Ogg comments of Ogg Vorbis files and ID3v1/ID3v2... More
0.98 2005-01-07 36365 207,1 kb
Mplayer2Lister interface for viewing most types of video files More
21022009 2009-04-13 36757 53 kb
This plugin represents Lister interface for Mplayer, which you can download at http://www1.mplayerhq.hu/MP... More
0.2 2006-04-24 36426 388 kb
MultiLister (PDF Filter)
The plugin receives a filename to be viewed from TC. It then searches the listfilter.ini for availability ... More
1.50a 2011-03-19 36563 1 985 kb
Multimedia Factory
With help of this plugin you can view/edit information tags in such types of multimedia files: OGG, MPEG La... More
0.9 2005-02-15 36414 255,9 kb
Plugin for viewing files: * FITS image files * SBIG's image files * OES Astro files * Munipack's photom... More
1.1.16 2007-10-28 36336 478 kb
Plugin/stand-alone application for viewing, editing and converting images. More
3.5.1 2008-01-12 36370 3 223 kb
With the NFO Lister Plugin you can view nfo and diz files which are usually located in downloaded archive... More
1.0.2 2004-10-09 36380 195,1 kb
NFO View
This plugin for viewing nfo and diz files, which are usually found in archive - loaded with Internet. More
1.5 2005-01-07 36374 266,8 kb
NFO Viewer
Plugin allows viewing nfo files, format the text and do some other operations. More
0.8 2006-10-26 38060 66 kb
View the contents of an OMF-51 or OMF-86 object in record format, CONTENT records in conjunction with FIXU... More
1.2 2005-02-15 36358 46,2 kb
Office 2007
Office2007.wlx plugin allows to Microsoft Ofice files as plain text in the lister window. More
0.0.4 2009-04-13 36963 231 kb
This plugin is intended for viewing MS Word, Excel, Write and other files for which a convertor into RTF f... More
1.1 2004-09-07 36838 22,0 kb
OpenOffice.org HTML Viewer
This plugin allows to view OpenOffice.org documents (http://openoffice.org). Documents are converted to XHT... More
1.6.11 2010-01-21 36589 3 265 kb
OpenOffice.org Simple Viewer
This plugin allows to view OpenOffice.org documents (http://openoffice.org). Document contents is currentl... More
1.1.6 2007-06-28 36571 424 kb
It is meant for viewing files of Origin 7.5 and higher (*.OPJ, *.OGG). There is a partial support of versi... More
1.20 2005-08-28 36332 283,2 kb
Palm Dumper
This viewer is intended to dump content of executable and database files for Palm OS ( PRC and PDB files). More
0.02 2008-02-17 36346 28 kb
Lister plugin for Total Commander to view Palm OS DOC files (.pdb or .prc) More
0.1.1 2005-04-16 36375 292,4 kb
Plugin for viewing pdf-files (portable document format), ps-files (postscript) and eps-files (encapsulated ... More
1.08 2007-02-11 37166 63 kb
PE Viewer
PE Viewer is a Lister plug-in for Total Commander, a popular file manager. PE Viewer is intende... More
1.11a 2006-10-26 36658 160 kb
Plugin allows to view many graphics files. Supported formats: *.ani,*.art,*.bmp,*.crw,*.cur,*.dib,*.dcx,*... More
0.0.4 2006-04-23 36708 585,5 kb
This lister plugin displays the contents of m3u and pls playlists with relatively detailed info about each ... More
1.06 2004-04-18 36340 200,9 kb
This plugin allows for running Putty session. To do it you must create an empty file like "user@host" and v... More
0.0.3 2006-05-02 36747 1 264 kb
Rhinoceros Preview
The Rhinoceros Preview plugin shows the embedded preview bitmap of Rhino 3-D models. It can also be used f... More 2007-04-17 36312 317 kb
It allows to view RVF files - files in format of TRichView editor. This plugin supports: printing; text ... More
1.0 2006-11-15 36317 612 kb
This is SciTE-like lister plugin. It uses portion of SciTE/Scintilla to display text and it needs to be pl... More
0.1.1 2005-10-20 36361 156,6 kb
Plugin for viewing screensavers (.scr). More
1.0 2007-07-14 36348 17 kb
Lister plugin for Total Commander 5.51 or later for view images. Supported file formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, GI... More
1.9.1 2006-12-17 36436 621 kb
Shell Thumbs
ShellThumbs displays Windows Explorer thumbnails in Total Commander. The only difference so far is that t... More
1.0 2005-02-15 36398 18,0 kb
Sketchup Viewer
Plugin allows for viewing Sketchup files More
20050921 2009-04-13 36608 10 kb
Plugin for viewing SMI files (archived SMS) directly from your mobile or from your HDD. More
1.0 2006-07-04 36550 49,9 kb
For viewing Media files (AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MP1-MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, OGG, MID, KAR) For correct work plu... More
1.4.1.beta 2004-04-18 36516 586,7 kb
SolidWorks Preview
SolidWorks stores a preview bitmap for each configuration. This is typically shown in the File-Open dialog... More 2007-09-07 36361 66 kb
Plugin allows to view SQLite databases More
20090204 2009-04-13 37005 174 kb
This plugin allows to preview SVG / SVGZ files in lister's window or as thumbnails in Total Commander's fil... More
0.0.2 2009-04-13 36452 337 kb
This plugin allows to preview SVG / SVGZ files in lister's window or as thumbnails in Total Commander's fil... More
0.0.1 2009-05-26 36372 3 571 kb
SWF Lister
With SWF Lister you can view Shockwave Flash files by Macromedia Inc., as well as FLV - Flash video files.... More
2.0 2006-06-26 36471 815,5 kb
SWF Lister Lite
With SWF Lister lite you can view Shockwave Flash files by Macromedia inc., - Show actual movie size -... More
1.5 2005-01-07 36350 379,6 kb
Lister plugin for Total Commander 5.51 or later for view Flash SWF files. More
1.3.4 2009-02-28 36471 225 kb
dumps .lib export maps (exported functions),IDL of COM objects and PE file structures, contained inside .oc... More
2.1.2 2004-04-18 36412 587,5 kb
Plugin can view text files with wyntax highlighting, code folding and indent guide, autocompletion, autoclo... More
1.5 2006-11-10 36350 1 045 kb
Plugin can view text files with wyntax highlighting, code folding and indent guide, autocompletion, autoclo... More
2.5.815 2011-03-19 36596 3 296 kb
Lister plugin with unicode support and syntax highlighting. More 2007-10-17 36351 942 kb
Plugin allows to adjust the of syntax highlight for any types of the files. More
2.7.3 2006-06-03 36538 1 536 kb
SynPlus Highlighterspack
Set of highlighting schemas for SynPlus plugin. More
1.0 2004-12-05 36358 767,5 kb
SynPlus PluginsPack
Set of additional modules for SynPlus plugin. More
4.11 2004-12-05 36370 161,2 kb
Lister extension, based on the beta version of the plugin interface of TC's lister (version 5.50 only) The... More
1.1 2004-06-04 36344 20,6 kb
View files with highlighted syntax: ObjectPascal, C++, Fortran, Java, Visual Basic, HTML document and many ... More
1.6 2004-04-16 36403 1 089 kb
This plugin retrieves a lot of system informations through different sources and ways. For details see read... More
3.0 2005-02-15 36381 203,9 kb
Universal calendar. Allows to use common and personal dates with different their categories and possibilit... More
2.5b5 2006-10-26 36474 517 kb
Torrent WLX
This file contain all the needed informations to be connected to the seeders (and the leechers...) with a b... More 2004-12-05 36493 220,0 kb
It lets you list the contents of Torrent files, including name, date, size and the files that are included. More
0.02 2005-08-28 36429 232,0 kb
Plugin allows for viewing, edition and searching in text files. More
1.0 2004-05-13 36409 600,5 kb
True Type Font
This plugin may be used for viewing TTF-files (TrueType Font) and OTF-files (OpenType Fonts) More 2005-04-16 36471 274,4 kb
TxQuickView is a universal file viewer plugin for Total Commander. It embeds Windows Media Player, QuickT... More
1.30.5260 2008-02-17 36477 554 kb
Plugin for viewing information about Unreal, UT, UT2003 maps (description, screenshots). More
20050130 2009-06-02 36303 668 kb
URL Shortcut Viewer
The URL Shortcut Viewer plugin uses the Internet Explorer browser component to display the website of URL ... More 2006-12-07 36335 5 kb
With this plugin you can write your own plugins using script languages. Supported: JScript & VBScript Y... More
0.5.1 2004-04-18 36404 235,9 kb
VisualDirSize provide a graphical overview of the files/folders in a selected directory. You can view a cha... More
1.3 beta 6 2007-10-17 39262 544 kb
Lister plugin to view PCM wave files. Available functions: - opens wave files with any number of channels... More
1.0.0 2007-02-23 36356 166 kb
WDX Guide Lister
Plugin allows to view contents of wdx plugins. More 2005-02-15 36327 9,7 kb
WDX Guide is a nice tool for testing WDX plugins for Total Commander. I wanted to use this utility as a Li... More
1.1 2005-12-20 36311 65,7 kb
Based on IEVeiew engine. And support all files, which are supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer. More
0.0.3 2006-04-23 36410 40,5 kb
The given plug-in allows to look through web-pages (*.htm, *.html). It is based on Gecko (Mozilla) engine.... More
0.7 2005-01-13 36428 281,9 kb
Plugin that allows to view ~$*.doc file, creating Microsoft Word when open file. That allow view, who open ... More
0.2 2009-04-13 36389 25 kb
Winamp Playlist Lister
This plugin enables you to browse the playlists used by Winamp 3+, stored in XML format in files with .b4s ... More
1.02 2004-04-18 36322 406,3 kb
Wise Tracker
Plugin for playing MOD; MDZ; NST; STM; STZ; S3M; S3Z; IT; ITZ; XM; XMZ; MTM; ULT; 669; FAR; AMF; OKT; PTM; ... More
2.2 2005-10-29 36354 402,5 kb
WSZView is designed to view Nullsoft WinAmp 2.xx skins. More
2.95.522 2005-08-28 36304 49,7 kb
Total Commander's Lister plugin to view XAR & CMX thumbnails. More 2006-10-26 36328 48 kb
xBaseView is a multifunctional database tool which designed for the novice database administrators or the a... More
8.0.0753 2008-01-12 40152 1 244 kb
xBaseView Free
xBaseViewFree - Viewer for Simple Databases xBaseViewFree is a Windows Explorer-like multifunctional dat... More
7.3.0719a 2007-04-27 37206 905 kb
Plugins allows to view XML files. More
1.0 2005-03-20 37497 599,3 kb
The main features of the XSudoku plugin are: - display most Sudoku file formats - fast Sudoku solution -... More 2006-02-14 36356 140 kb